Security Information and Event Management
As computers and networks have become more important in society they and the information they contain have come under increasing legal and industry regulation. However these regulations evolve they will always imply the need for diligence on the part of network owners and operators. Diligence is most easily demonstrated by proving that you have exercised all reasonable efforts at monitoring your information system and ensuring that it has the requisite technologies deployed and policies enforced on it. Monitoring your network is what Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions

ArcSight ETRM includes the industry's leading security information and event management (SIEM) products for collecting, analyzing and assessing security and risk event information. The result is rapid identification, prioritization and response to policy breaches, cyber-security attacks and insider threats. Only ArcSight correlates logs, user roles, and network flows to understand the who, what and where of information security.

Acredify offers ArcSight deployment as well as management services.


Data Leak Prevention
DLP solution help you protect intellectual property from internal threats and support regulatory compliance. In today’s fast-paced interconnected business environment, it’s imperative that companies ensure the security of private data and communication programs running on their networks. Organizations are often not aware that confidential information is being shared inadvertently or maliciously with the outside, whether by e-mail, instant messaging, or other protocols. Protecting private information and client records is a mandate, not just an option, for staying in business and remaining competitive in the 21st century. Block content violations from leaving the network via email, instant messaging or HTTP connections by using a DLP solution. Violations are blocked in real time and the sender and administrators can be notified that action was taken


Unified Threat management
Network attackers have become more sophisticated and their attacks more targeted. Many of today’s blended attacks, which use multiple techniques to try to infiltrate a network. While businesses need techniques to combat blended attacks, managing multiple and separate security tools can be overwhelming, inefficient and expansive.

Acredify can help businesses deploy and manage unified threat management appliances for comprehensive protection against a multitude of threats.


Identity and Access management
IAM provide businesses the kind of reliability and accessibility to user access control that is must-have for most businesses. IAM provide the ability to open up only select subset of the organization’s information sites to employees, customers, partners, vendors providing effective information exchange that can be adapted to a particual user group depending on their roles. IAM can enable users to gain necessary access so that they can be productive and at the same time allow the organization to keep a check on the access rights as their role require.

Acredify can help businesses in deployment and management of an IAM solution depending upon their particular needs


Mobile Security
Today, businesses want to take advantage of anytime and anywhere access to enable their users to work with personal mobile devices of their choice in order to gain increased productivity and connectivity. As such IT is being challenged by the inevitable prolification of non-corporate devices accessing corporate resources.

To enable greater accessibility and manage risks, mobile security is as much about people and policies as it is about technology. Acredify can help you manage and secure mobile devices.


Vulnerability Management
New network, application and database vulnerabilities emerge on a daily basis. Because they can be exploited by attackers, it is essential to eliminate these exposures to protect your critical IT assets while safe guarding sensitive information.

By utilizing Qualys award winning solution, Acredify offers highly accurate internal and external scans across the network devices, servers, web applications, and databases. By identifying the vulnerabilities in your environment and providing detailed analysis and remediation guidance, our service helps you reduce your exposure, comply with regulations and safeguard your business.

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